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business. continues right where saturday's games left off seven goals in the. i. made a way the tournament seeing some two million fans come to celebrate football but one brazil for. his new found for russia. in the week's other stories the u.s. pulls out of the u.n. human rights council accusing it of extreme anti israel bias and being a cesspool of hypocrisy with a move from global leaders and rights groups. the french president appears to downplay it to the struggle in dealing with the migrant influx prompting an angry
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backlash from rome. hello from the new center in moscow i'm calling with some of the biggest stories from the week as covered right here first though live to new york. for your world cup update. well didn't see you when st petersburg previous michael alongside me neil harvey it was like any other day but it's not if you just put your foot to the floor you can probably feel the seismic trend is coming from this me no good foundation because the down the property they're going to win the world cup now peter zinda in six and a wall. well england no matter how much they they hoped and believed i could never imagine a school this many but despite the fact that they got all these goals despite the fact that hurricane scored only the third ever by an england player in the world
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cup of the jefferson gary lineker despite the fact hurricane is now leaving the golden boot i said right now that. there's one goal that was more important on this it was the last one i went to panama philippe benoit on the seventy eighth minute peter just take us through this goal and say white significance well. it's significant because belgium hasn't stood. their play chicken aims they've got six points and their goal score was eight to two now at this point they did were leading the group so they obviously playing the second game they would get the six points and at the time the goal scoring was a two one so when philip is going to score this goal. it equals that and then you know and this is significant in terms of who's going to win the group so who's going to play the runners up from the front page and who's going to be the most to who's going to play the winners from group h. essentially because he's in the dungeon level on points level on goal difference
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level on goals scored and you can go to the people looking at you believe it they've both got two yellow cards and not see it so they are at the moment completely all square and let's just play with the idea that when they are playing the. in four days time that they are sure the game then it has to go to join us and that has only happened once before and you'll find this to the bible be mobile to vote for when i say i spoke because we have one or two situations in other groups and we'll come back to that later on when it's so difficult to work out if this and that happens so from the group yesterday where street and they play mexico in the last game and germany play south korea if germany and sweden win the games one nil mexico sweden and germany will be exactly the same so it goes to. the explanation it goes to go to france goal scored then it goes head to head and
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then when all that is saying that goes it goes on goes on but well worth a hypothesis i'm just going to throw this out there because like you said if belgium and england are drawing and they're on the same number of bookings as it stands now at that point when they're playing they will already know who their opponents are going to be from very pates so monte nice and southgate's will know this situation maybe have a preference who they want to play who haven't finished first or second to do the great they can make a tactical decision to incur a booking if they want to play the same that finish top of the the great and they going to finish that is we're talking about japan colombia senegal in poland. and just from you know a professional football player's point of view i think. preferences of playing any one of them no not really but definitely i would not play poland only because it got eleven dollars he was not i me only play one game so far he's not been great in
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that game but it's live and he can score he's like harry came he can score from any situation and when you get to those games the knockout games and i know this is a cliché but goals are so important you know when you've got someone who can put them away. so being up against someone who is prolific like a living is i would i would want to avoid that so yes they might have in their tactical thinking someone they think they are more suitable to play against someone they can get a better result again against and we might you know have the cynical so thought that they were speculating getting bookings in but the don't forget they play against each other so if they have the same preference if they want to finish second in that second in that group and they're asking their players to get booking . at yellow cards well. says that they can tell the players you've got to
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sell for everybody i get things of reserves to say pieces i know about to martinez and i know carrousel skates really well and they are not those kind of people and so were you but you're speculating into nothing i don't think i don't think any of them would be proud of saying that to their players and i also think that day regardless of what happens in the last game that they would be happy just to go through and they'd be happy to play any of those four teams because they would think they have a chance to you talked about being afraid of prolific goalscorers you know whose political score of john has done its job should he hold the opening goal in this game let's take you through some of the goal action so he's the big defender he's got to be the borrower's of england goals and this thing is work really hard and i said he's and the referee today was very very unsuited to the pulling down and wrapping in the holding and that's been the one or two sort of situation where you stop this corner kick from being taken and no one looked at the johnstone's that no
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one exploited the big gap because you're looking at how you came in and harry mcguire the two big guys the two strong strong guys. and johnstone just exploited that space. and scored and what a great header that was and and then we had for me a little bit of doubt about a penalty and that's jesselyn god who were who got. pushed appalled at what you don't even know to be completely honest break up i don't see it and harry came he stepped up and walked the nazi that was and you think it's a bit brave i bet you would also put it out there no dance about the finish again van though slightly disappointing isn't that we were hoping for more the contribution from the i think i think what happened with here is they actually checked it and they saw that the referee had made the right decision. and again we're talking about this all the time we are going to talk about quite
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a lot until all the way to the end of the world cup because i think that bob would play a massive part in who wins but it is it's not bullet proof it's still and that the father assistance and the referees they still have to interpret the situation and very few of these situations sort of play a card at least that's a benchmark if you think about what happened with sweden and germany yesterday i think when you said it a couple of times what was very clear today was that they weren't going to tolerate almost any contact between players and the one goal that really had no dispute about it whatsoever came in a thirty six minute this was all just feeling god and it was quite some finish this is one where you can do nothing but take it out of the back of the net if the first goal the england score from from will play and it's it's it's a crack and this is you know this is jesse lingo all over this he's got he's done this for manchester united on many many occasions and he's a guy that has he's got the knack of turning up at the right time scoring important
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goals he's not everybody's favorite player this is it's weird but he isn't seems like an soundscapes given him a lot of attacking license in this competition. if you get the number seven jersey in the england team. that's significant that's a very important jersey and he's already paid and social media saying how proud he is but there it also means that the south kate he he values his play and this guy is going to start and then going simple as that so just going back to what you said you know whose prolific score johnstone's scored again in the forty's minutes and this time i actually believe. that this is it that this is one of the best polls best crafted goals that we've seen in the tournament clearly of. the training pitch the way the role the pulled out the cross everyone was ready everyone made the right the right movements and it was just very very good young going to how many
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times england would have to perform to get it to work so well during the game but today everything flipped and going back to the physical contact again very cain was getting manhandled in not much against he needs it and nothing for it this time it was the opposite and another another penalty for him so when i said before you know very brave that you put it in the top corner. i just did it again fearless no honestly this guy i am i'm crazy about this guy i really think that he is top top class he hasn't got the the personality of now the wall may c.e.o. or even name he hasn't got the supplier he gets about his business you know he's kind of sort of disappears out of games and then he's there when he puts a ball in the back of the net and he has this and i keep saying he's got this hunger to score goals which is it's incredible at the same time he's
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a proper team player is physically strong enough to take part in any kind of taxes and that means pressuring the ball as well and seeing money pays for tottenham you see how hard he works and sometimes you know he makes i think crazy runs but they're not crazy runs ninety meters defend to. and i can't remember i've ever seen a player like this and you know he today. he sets the top score of this one of these world cups he's faced gold and now i don't know if you know this if you see expression it it's better to be lucky than good but what if you're both this is certainly there was a lot of luck about this next goal thing that came on the sixty second minute and. how we can kind of really know anything about if you get support here and he shoots he's actually in the way hurricane but he's in a way you know good and they're good way actually hits his heel and then if they flex massively and the goalkeepers got no chance this goal was also taken too far because there's a question of offside and rightly so the goal stuart those i mean it was
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a talking sense to me to see what they did they got it right and with this goal erica kane is the top score of the world cup and i'm sure i'm absolutely sure right now the side in his hotel room. spewing fear over years ago and then maybe as well because they've got four goals to their names and hurricane has now got five but people have predicted these people have spoken about hairy gay hairy cain as a serious contender for the golden boot. i'm not trying to please not disappoint a secular nation about you know the very biggest teams in spain once again after the goals we've seen and i'm sure managers won't mind the fact that he's quite lucky as well what kind of valuation to put on a player like that right now must have gone off it was already hard row to put the chinos just signed a five year contract with saddam and the first thing he did literally the same day was make sure that harry kane did exactly this thing to harry outside in charge and
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for five more years harry paid for me comes across like a one club he's very very happy where years he knows he can perform to the. yes the levels at tottenham he's got probably one of the best managers in the world and it's really like for harry kane. i don't see him traveling abroad i don't seem being comfortable that a real madrid or boss i don't know what the pressures are so different to what the pressure signing and as i said he's a quiet man he likes he said he likes east not an anonymous person of course people day they recognise him in the street but he's not this guy that goes out and he's in nightclubs and he's he's seen in you know on a social life from someone who was you know in the media for anything other than football so i don't see him travelling. but if he was to be sold.
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go that i think he would be at the level of name the price at p.s.g. they pay for their name out of that that's i mean for me he is he is probably the hardest problem i see in the world he's young he's hungry he's always showed his pedigree he can score goals he can work on technique b.'s and tactic me as well he's fantastic i don't see many better players and i would say his price is going to julie based on your appraisal of him for the one percent and that's a good thing let's say about the same in this no good must be something you can imagine how the england fans will be they may get slightly carried away when things go well they couldn't contain that happiness as they go flying in fact hurricane. we've got something on our mind it's. ok that was another foot will come just in
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that took place it was a bit will punish us level is not how much is a key keep the competition at least they've won something today out of the. match ten. six seven. nines day's night is decent but you know it is these you can see. them. onto the. do you. think you think. this is just. plain ship there we go cause that's you know. they've got. off salute me on that snow plenty to look forward to today let's some a look at the night kickoff of will be a beautiful cazan between colombia and poland the two big names in this group but
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no points between them and so we spoke to a super dedicated fan from the u.s. who see it almost one hundred fifty woke up matches over the years and is here despite america failing to qualify the us that he cation is what he thinks about the twenty eight hundred women so far and russia. the organization is very good they get us through security get us to the games very socially which is unlike other countries that i've been to other world cups. my grandmother was originally from russia so it was a good reason to come here and see russia and to visit but also because i know that many of the cities around here so beautiful i wanted to be able to come and see it too. there is no tense political relationship
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at the world cup people get along i meet people from iran from russia from egypt we all were here because we find joy in the same thing and the joy is watching football and i don't. i've not heard wouldn't exist seeing anybody everybody rushes to sexually claim they did ferry call for a day talk to us it's actually been a wonderful experience. sir that chap pays for to poland against colombia i know this is a really big game because blues is probably all you know just about now today nobody can afford to lose would you think both teams will be bold enough to go for the win a point keeps the minutes but i think they have to and. of course they know what the other result in that game which is to japan victory senegal in about in about
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forty minutes they will know that result so they know exactly what they have to do . but i thought poland was a bit of a disappointment i better expectations for for that performance but seneca i mean they they they i think they've surprised everybody come out playing very good football but i think where we all really surprised is how well they were organized in poland really sort of never really got a sniff in that game and notice that it's becoming apparent when teams stop them dusky they tend to stop poland it's easier said than done of course but there is there is kind of a track record developing here and well. it's you can try so i would say when we talk about someone like messi for instance who wants to have the ball in the rough and in front of the box you know if you can push him further back when you win a lot of you win
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a lot of sort of. you make it more difficult for me to put up with what eleven dollars fee and the way he plays and way play and who he's playing against every weekend you know he's in the same position he's used to that he's used to being closely marty used to be. pulled it pulled out a nice used to all this sorts of basically for him and that kind of position it's more about his own form and i don't see that as an excuse for being his he's a prolific all stories for so many goals in his career and he just knows how to get that little bit of space now stop live and. do that but the thing was that the potency think they did in the jail they didn't look like that scene and this is why that what they need to get right today they need to to play like it seems so up have to say they're up against a tune with an impressive world cup pedigree colonialism i always mention that first of all you've got the golden gate player from the last competition could well
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be but i didn't even start that could well be back fit this time it could chance he's become a connoisseur dream guest in addition to that they played eighty seven minutes plus injury time we don't need ten men last time now you are in a situation i'm sure at some point must be a huge handicap so it's a different colombia this time around i think they were very unlucky to get assigned to send off. a kind of wished that the referee i mean this early in the game just to be sure because it's so significant and so game changing to lose a player that he'd gone back to evolve and if you would have put him into the audience when even having seen it again and again i'm not completely sure that he loves the shot with these with his arm with it at the referee says the paper and here but i'm it's small here and it's really sort of inconclusive and i would love to see all the angles of of that incident that's available for the buck it happened and i felt they could go i mean they day that you can see. they do come but they
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don't quake they and i and this is what we know with japan oh we always quake and we've got players that we know from from god i was play for my united but now back in germany. exactly we didn't start the game plays unless that we know these kind of plays and what type of play they they have. and on balance i think it was ok was an ok way and it was fair enough but colombia don't count them out four years ago they went all the way to the court of five and narrowly beat brazil so this is this is a team that knows how to play these two and put out the i said the match coming up in in less than an hour's time senegal against japan. and certainly japan i think will will be thrilled to have one not i mean game do you think that they will both be bold again and go for the six points. you know mathematically guaranteed six
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points or pretty much that and so both teams will be able to taste it now fielitz acting i think japan would have looked at that path in this group as the world's best possible way you start with colombia who as i said before the quarter finals last time around. and actually won the game which is a surprise and then senegal. which you never know about but they impressed us so you know they've they've they've brought three points and i actually think that quite happy even even losing that not all not saying you'd be happy losing a game but if they were to lose this game they would still be sort of quite quite happy because their form is good and then if poland don't pick up that's the last game don't pick up the phone and they never looked like that in the first game like there was a big change coming then you know japan they can get results. but i have to say was senegal. what what what of what a transformation of that country and see see the that the manager who who played
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for birmingham when he was playing in and also played for portsmouth. he's done such a fantastic job with an account account remember having seen since. and the goal being this well organized this quick tactically astute and then affecting so i mean i was very impressed and i'm really looking forward to this game board militant that you we spoke to his camp to know so at manny's know this and five teams the most cup finals a lot of experience and he picked senegal out is probably the team he was most impressed with so they're winning a lot of admirers so. they are kind of like the whole it's not as if people are talking about senegal we can't completely rule them out and they they. and i go back to twenty years i know it's a long time but twenty years ago we had nigeria in the in the world cup and they they also impressed everyone and people were talking about nigeria possibly being
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the first african nation to win the world cup. i say you know we saw tunisia play yesterday they were awful they are the highest ranking african nation in this world cup. i have to say would say they go you know if we get if what they showed us. in that last came against poland if that's an example that they're playing at and it was in the flu go you know just a british good game for them. they can be serious contenders. maybe not all the way but at least to some time machine in this tournament you know i think game two was starting to learn now this is where you really find out the character of what a lot of these teams a made of which makes things not just so interesting not a lot of fans are expressed affection for russia in many different ways while they've been here for the world cup and one particular brazilian found well founded self i would say famous after being recorded making a passionate display of love and
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a fluid new system are all the choice words in russian and there i met him here in the studio. and if that face looks familiar it's because it's right along side me for myself where first of all don't you came here to follow the will come after you i came to follow the world to follow brazil wanted to find no i guess. and by the perspective of defense i'm doing a crime journalist actually. i just using the weekend and the head because i wasn't in the atmosphere of the match but i am quite serious man when i wanted to so i came here by day ninety meaning is a company that when i want to show the perspective by the fans and i'm doing it and i just say some words to russian people that i was
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a recording me and this realize it but is gaining. proportions difficult to to reach for example yesterday i received a video that a girl tattooed my career. on the path of you know yes but there are worse places. to face this but no no just to try to fight but the people doing produce with me shirts with my character through with my face in terms of the people you're traveling with are they having a similar experience first of all the brazilian thought that the russian people and with people in close people and it's just a few taxi drivers in moscow actually because we are loving you guys you are loving really very loving russia we are really enjoying russia and. it's a surprise for me i'm surprised at how warm. how do we tell each of you for example. before became famous some people text me.
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maybe i can write you from the airport to the center so it's ok when i came to the airport here instead but there's the people with with my draw with music. they they invited me to go to dinner to go to to do it see tourist but i really wanted to so i doing this and the work i want to have time on going to go make a social media video and sweat this is obviously the secret to success. here no blue. you had some fun that it. is a character. we have got a game coming up with a very sure you can probably shoot seven goals like we did nearly game but little bit of team use exactly we've got the teams in japan are unchanged from from after his game and senegal have made one change so pretty much the same team so we hope
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we've seen. we can expect similar performances could there i whispered this point not a new no ball by the way we have uncovered that you were known as old so what we were in for now weren't twenty nine fifteen of consecutive scoring in a world cup and that is a wreck or. the previous record was twenty six six people well beaten so it's just let me tell you if this is a no deal no game and this incredible trend is broken he's a car it should be simply because he proceeded up we've been trying not to mention it but i feel like it was the elephant in the room anyway i'm sure that we go as we might let you down we will bring you all the action from the first off during the.
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when lawmakers manufactured consensus instead of public wealth. when the roman closest project themselves. with the financial merry go round of lives only the one percent i'm told. that's not doing all middle of the room signals. the real news is really the word. good politicians to do something good. to put themselves on the on the big get
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accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to go right to be for us this is like before us three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. long welcome to all the parts it's often said that the united nations is only as good as its member states allow it to be but what's.


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